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Lice Clinics of America – Northern Colorado

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1710 Skyway Drive
Unit B
Longmont, CO 80504


Recommended by pediatricians, our 3-step process, including our exclusive warm air technology, is 99%+ effective in killing both lice and their eggs. Call now to speak with one of our lice specialists to learn more about our lice treatment options.


Our Signature Treatment kills lice and eggs in a single treatment.*  We stand behind our service!  In the unlikely event of treatment failure – we will re-treat you for FREE.


One Treatment
You’re Done

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This place is amazing! The staff here is super friendly, very accommodating and are experts with the most up to date information on treatment. They got us in on the same day (within a matter of hours) and the process was extremely efficient (especially for someone with very long hair!) They have this down to a science! Much more cost prohibitive/time efficient and effective than any at home “solution” by a long shot! Also healthier! Sit back, watch some Netflix and eat snacks while they take excellent care of you! Highly highly recommend!!!*

Sean W.Fort Collins, CO

Tanya answered my panicked call immediately and was so nice, understanding and calm. She was able to get is in immediately but also gave us some grace time to drive from Greeley during rush hour; it was quick but also gave us enough cushion that it was exactly what we needed.
Megan greeted us at the shop and was sweet, informative and helpful from the very beginning. She answered all the adult question while also speaking with my 6-year-old and making her comfortable. Wine for the adults, Capri suns for the kiddos, understanding of a grumpy 17-month-old, and a dinner recommendation.
The entire experience was 5 Star! Thank you!!!*

Dana K.Greeley, CO

My experience was WONDERFUL! They got me a next-day appointment and answered so many of my questions over the phone. I was freaking out but they were so nice and understanding. A friend drove me down from Wyoming and he was sure it was a scam- that they would tell me that of course I had lice, and then try to up sell me a bunch of services and products that I didn’t need. Nothing could be further from the truth. We got there a little early and they were finishing up with a family. The kids were watching a cartoon and Roxie, the specialist, was great with them. The little girl came out singing and dancing, so I figured I didn’t have anything to be scared about. Roxie spent a ton of time with me and answered all of the questions my friend and I had. She even showed me what real lice look like so I wouldn’t be confused next time. My head check was $25 but I would have gladly paid more for the peace of mind. I absolutely would recommend this clinic to all my friends and family!*

Obava L.Eaton, CO

We had a great experience! The technician was great with my kids and she was very knowledgeable. She combed out my hair, my moms hair, and my sons hair to make sure we were not infected. My daughter did have lice, and the technician showed us what to look for. My daughter said “the combing and treatment did not hurt me at all.” She enjoyed the “awesome tv, snacks, and super nice lady Megan. She was super patient and awesome!” I was thankful for some tips and tricks to prevent her from getting re-infected. Thank you for turning this into a positive experience! I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.*

Cassandra C.Gill, CO

Tanya and Roxie were absolutely AMAZING!! I pray we never have lice in our family again, but I would never bother with trying to do this on my own again! They were so welcoming, kind, understanding and informative on how to handle this horrible situation! They put my mind and my kiddos minds at ease. Problem solved!! Cannot thank them enough! I highly recommend this Center if you’re looking to get rid of lice quickly!*

Tara A.Ault, CO

My daughter had visible bugs in her hair, my wife and I freaked out! Spent lots if time doing research, and having our 2 year old that is with her all the time made us even more nervous! We found lice clinics of America on Google, and figured we would give it a shot so we weren’t trying to solve something we didn’t know about. They got us in SAME DAY, and they checked everyone in my family that same day. Left lice free! Don’t waste time and money trying to cure it yourself! Worth every penny!*

Mike A.Mead, CO

Head Lice Treatment Services

We end the nightmare of lice by dehydrating lice and their eggs in one easy lice treatment. Our FDA-cleared† AirAllé (Air uh-lay) technology is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics* because it works.

We know you are busy and we know you want to be free of the nightmare of lice so we offer a single, one-visit lice treatment. Our clinic is clean and our staff is friendly. Kids love us! SEE VIDEO

Our treatment is completely pesticide free and even kills Super Lice. Call us today to get lice advice or to book an appointment. Lice Clinics of America – Northern Colorado is proudly serving Fort Collins, Boulder, Longmont and all surrounding areas in Colorado with clinic locations in Fort Collins & Longmont, we are also one of the only clinics able to service the Cheyenne, Wyoming area.


Learn more about our revolutionary process.

Lice Removal Services


The affected person and all family members should be thoroughly screened to find evidence of lice or eggs. Screening all members of the family is crucial to prevent re-infestation.


After screening, the trained clinician will provide a clear diagnosis of the level of infestation, so you know exactly what you are dealing with and which treatment options are available to you.


Depending on your infestation level and your budget considerations, we will determine the best treatment option for you. Our goal is to ensure your family is lice free.

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